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Neurofeedback training is a form of brainwave biofeedback. Training involves the placement of electrodes on the scalp in order to feed signals to an EEG amplifier. The EEG equipment provides real-time, instantaneous audio and visual feedback to the subject about his or her brainwave activity. No electrical current is put into the brain. The brain’s electrical activity is simply relayed to computer software. When an individual can see a representation of his or her brainwave activity on a computer screen in real time, it is possible for that subject to influence and change that activity in ways that lead to a more efficient calm brain. Through this process we are now about to literally retrain the brain. Read More Here


We provide Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families, particularly but not limited to, those dealing with addictive disorders, with a primary focus on individuals in recovery who are dealing with early life trauma, family of origin and attachment related issues

Speech & Language Pathology

We have the ability to treat a number of speech and language disorders including: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Receptive Language Disorders, Expressive Language Disorders, Motor Speech, Acquired Brain Injuries, ALS, Executive Function deficits (ADD/ADHD, memory, attention and focus), Swallowing and feeding, Written expression, Dyslexia and reading difficulties, Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Trained in Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis, primarily to deal with such issues smoking cessation and weight control.

Training and consultation

Training and consultation provided to organizations and individuals in all aspects of clinical services, clinical management, and organizational development. Workshop topics include trauma, addiction, early life attachment’s impact on development, Ericksonian hypnosis, group dynamics and group process, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, aspect of clinical supervision, and ethics in clinical practice. Training can be tailored to particular needs.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision and case consultation is provided to individuals and organizations.