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Brain Mapping

A brain map is precisely what it sounds like: a read of your unique brain.

QEEG brain mapping is a highly useful and fascinating option for any person searching for the source of a distracting or debilitating condition such as sleeplessness, chronic headaches, addictive disorders, PTSD, or any of the other conditions listed here.

A brain map can tell us how different functions of your unique brain compare with the average brain. When activity is outside normative limits, that can be a great place to start for assessing a condition and individualizing neurofeedback treatment.

Brain maps are painless and usually completed within one hour. The results can take up to two weeks to analyze and process, at which time we book a follow-up appointment with you to discuss our findings.

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Neurofeedback training is a form of brainwave biofeedback through which we literally retrain the brain to function more efficiently. For decades this process has been used to treat migraines, insomnia, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, attention deficit issues, addiction and PTSD.

A half-hour session will allow us to improve brain functioning, often shifting you to a more comfortable, relaxed, and focused state. We will also asses your brain’s response, which will help us make the most of future visits. All treatments are based on your specific responses.

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